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Kevin Harvick Ended 65-game winning streak and continued to win FireKeepers Casino 400 Entering the NASCAR playoff berth on Sunday.

The drivers gave their all in the 200-lap, 400-mile race, hoping for a chance to take home the Michigan Heritage Trophy. NASCAR Cup Series Back in Brooklyn, Michigan, to start the August schedule.

Here are the top moments from Michigan International Speedway:

sunshine, blue sky

Delayed by more than an hour due to rain, drivers finally got a call to start their engines, thanks to the impromptu work of a batch of dryers.

They are playing!

With the riders getting off to a good start, Bubba Wallace took the early lead.

Done on the day

Kyle Busch and Austin Cindric head to the garage after a massive multi-vehicle crash left several drivers – including Aric Almirola and JJ Yeley – enveloped in smoke.

“Infinite” was the word Bush used to describe his level of depression, on a scale of 1 to 10.

humming together

The sound of a speeding car under acceleration is so quiet that Denny Hamlin nearly wrecked his odometer (we’re just kidding) as he hit 202 mph in the draft. Hamlin sat sixth on lap 55.

Roth Chastain took the lead after the first period.


In the second stage, Hamlin overtook smoothly on the 80th lap and took the lead off the track. The two made a sharp turn at a corner.

Things took a turn for the worse for Chastain, who was forced to take a penalty after some pit-stop problems.

in flames

The yellow flag came on lap 98 after Colcaster’s No. 41 blew the front tire. Fortunately, Custer was able to escape before taking any damage.

back and forth

Harvick, Bell, Hamlin. All three are fiercely vying for position as the second stage checkpoint approaches.

Despite a valiant attempt by his opponent, Hamlin held on to the lead for the Stage 2 victory.

bell hanging on the wall

Christopher Bell tried his best to pass Hamlin, but in an overly aggressive maneuver his front bumper was buried in the wall.

slow down your scrolling

Hamlin, who was leading the way, fell behind after taking a penalty in the final pit.

my time to shine

Harvick took full advantage of the opening opportunity to lead the way and walked off the field with ease.

Enter the leaderboard

Harvick led the entire final 25 laps, at one point 4.5 seconds ahead of the second driver. Harvick was the first driver to cross the checkered flag, and he jumped into the playoff standings.

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