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Last week developer Player First Games announced that it would have to delay Season 1 multidimensional, the highly anticipated platform fighting game rotates with new content releases. Delayed content includes the Season 1 Battle Pass, as well as new characters Rick and state multidimensional The balance patch is also problematic. While a release date for Season 1 has yet to be set, Player First is still moving forward. Part of the roadmap for Season 1 has now been revealed, including a new ranked game mode.

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multidimensional It just wrapped up its first major head-to-head tournament as part of EVO 2022. Given the state of the event, it’s no surprise that Player First decided to share the announcement during the event. However, with the delay of Season 1, the timing of the announcement was a bit awkward. The result is a partial roadmap for Season 1, but still no release date.The roadmap does confirm that some exciting new content is coming multidimensionalHowever.

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First major announcement multidimensional The Season 1 roadmap is the introduction of Ranked Mode. The images shown suggest that this “new ranked mode” could be a 1v1 ladder. multidimensional‘ The ongoing open beta currently doesn’t have a ranked game, but it does have MMR to create skill-based matchmaking. A fully ranked mode is much needed, though, so it’s no surprise that players prioritized the feature while the open beta was underway.

The second announcement of the roadmap is Classic Arcade Mode.This is considered a traditional game mode with a player vs. AI ladder, possibly something like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Classic game mode. The images on the roadmap do hint at cooperative play of ladders, though. More information may be shared after the release of Classic Arcade Mode.

While these are the two biggest revelations, there are more announcements to come multidimensional Season 1 roadmap revealed. On the one hand, while players already know that Rick and Morty will be coming in Season 1, there are clearly more characters to come. Two new skins were also revealed, LeBron James as Robin and Bugs Bunny’s Bren Hild.

multidimensional‘ The reveal of the Season 1 roadmap may not have gone as planned due to the delayed start of the season, but the community will certainly appreciate it while they wait. Expect more information on the new release schedule for Player First Season 1 in the coming weeks.

multidimensional Now in open beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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