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The fighting game genre has some excellent entries, like fan favorites super smash bros It popped up in 1999. Other crossover fighting games have attempted to knock the Nintendo-published series off its pedestal in a similar format over the years, with mixed success.Now it’s Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s turn multidimensionala free-to-play fighting game featuring numerous characters from the Warner Bros. Discovery franchise.

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Due to its free-to-play nature, multidimensional Seasons of new content containing character skins, emotes and challenges will be released regularly for players to complete.While Player First Games didn’t provide a lot of information about what new content might come out multidimensional Going forward, the game is only in public beta, so no doubt more details will be released in the coming months.There’s already something players would like to see, from a wider range of characters to more stages inspired by some of the best in the game super smash bros series.

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Stages of MultiVersus

So far, players seem to have multidimensional‘ An open beta is underway, with characters such as Batman, Harley Quinn and the human Finn being popular choices. Of course it’s still early days, and it’ll be interesting to see what’s new after the first season launches.Inevitably there will be stages multidimensional With the release of new seasons and characters, there are some players who are already starting to get the hang of it.

Align with current role multidimensional Roster, the game has some thematic phases that players may recognize from their respective properties, or as cool reimaginings of familiar shows and IP areas.With a stage like Batman’s Batcave, the haunted house seems to be straight out of a scooby doo cartoon, and tree castle from adventure time, there are many aesthetically distinct areas where players can compete. Even though they all look different, none of them quite reach the stage of Hyrule Temple.

Why you need a temple-inspired stage

While more stages may be added throughout the season and may bring additions or updates to existing arenas, most things are fairly straightforward at the moment.Haunted House does have moving parts throughout the game and other stages have their quirks, but multidimensional Requires its Hyrule Temple equivalent.this Smash Bros Melee The stage is large, dwarfing most other combat areas, and giving the different characters the freedom to perform their actions rather than trying to navigate tight spaces.

It’s a stage with no gimmicks or moving pieces – players simply face each other and use their skills to defeat them, rather than relying on fast-moving landscapes or random events. But Hyrule Temple is not boring at all. It still has its own unique design, as well as many different zones and heights that players can use cleverly to their advantage. Gamers can get creative or utilize different areas of the stage to hide and plan their attacks. multidimensional There have been some interesting stages where players will be wondering what else the developers will bring, but one similar to super smash bros‘ Hyrule Temple would be a great addition.

multidimensional Public beta available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.​​​​​​​​

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