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in many ways, multidimensional Not trying to reinvent the wheel – the game is a spinoff platform fighter inspired by super smash bros Franchise. However, multidimensional It does innovate in some surprising ways. It’s free to play, has a far-reaching perk system, and perhaps most importantly, multidimensional Focus on 2v2 multiplayer instead of 1v1. A newly discovered exploit shows just how committed Player First is to 2v2, suggesting players can even share their Battle Pass progress.

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Dataminer AisulMV recently shared information about the leak via their Twitter account, posting screenshots of a system designed to allow two multidimensional Players link their accounts. The first image shared shows an in-game panel titled “Finding a Battle Pass Partner.” It includes a way to search for a player’s username, and is assumed to be the first step in sending an invite to another game to link accounts.

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The second image from AisulMV shows the content of the linked accounts more clearly multidimensional will mean. Here’s a new panel that reads the “Battle Pass Link Request” and mentions the ability to “conquer” MultiVersus’s Battle Pass faster while sharing the rewards. Three bullet points follow, the first being that linked players all contributed XP to the same battle pass. The second point says that if a player has the Premium Battle Pass, players will share their progress. The third says quest rewards and XP are still awarded to both players.

The screenshot implies that any two multidimensional Players can share Battle Passes, effectively doubling their Battle Pass XP earn rate. The XP rewards earned by both players for completing missions will go into the same progress bar. As players level up, they all receive rewards. Also, while a bit ambiguous, it is implied that only one player will have to pay for the premium version of the Battle Pass.

The idea behind the feature appears to be that developer Player First further encourages the two-person team to work together multidimensional. Two players can not only play together as a team, but also earn rewards by passing the Battle Pass faster.Of course, getting rewards faster will encourage both multidimensional Players can also play more, which keeps the game’s player base healthy.

To be clear, this is not a confirmed feature multidimensional. This is a leak of a feature that Player First may have considered at some point. Player First may have gone in a different direction, e.g. multidimensional‘ Current experience and gold bonuses can be done in teams. Player First may even find it unnecessary because multidimensional Very popular, 2v2 has proven to be a success.This topic may require further commentary on player priority so that gamers can understand exactly what is planned multidimensional‘Battle Pass.

multidimensional Open beta is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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