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It’s been rumored for a while, but now Microsoft has officially launched the Xbox and PC Game Pass Family Plan as an Xbox Insider benefit for users in Colombia and Ireland. If you’re in either region, you can sign up for the program, which allows up to five accounts, including the owner, to sign up for a subscription — all of which have access to all Game Pass Ultimate games and benefits.

Only the originating account needs to be an Xbox Insider, but other accounts you add to the subscription must also be in the same country as the primary account owner. Joining the program will convert your current subscription time to the new plan, but your time will be adjusted “based on the monetary value of the old membership”.

Minor issues were detailed in the post announcing the trial that players may encounter. Members who already have a Game Pass subscription may not be able to accept invitations, although Microsoft says it is “working to have these members cancel immediately to accept invitations.” Players also can’t upgrade their accounts twice within 24 hours – so if you need to upgrade from Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate first, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before upgrading to the Game Pass Insider Preview that supports Family Sharing.

How much does the Game Pass family plan cost?

Windows Central report The Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is currently available to EUR 21.99 in Ireland. We can also estimate by calculating the time conversion rate – Microsoft says this will see “a full month of Ultimate converted to an 18-day membership in the program”.

That means, at the current Ultimate pricing of $14.99 per month, we can expect the family plan to be priced around $24.99. A similar calculation for the UK price of £10.99 yields approximately £18.33. Well, when using all five accounts, that’s a lot cheaper than standard pricing, but it’s even worth it for two users.

Of course, Microsoft hopes that this value proposition will attract more users to the Game Pass ecosystem — and then some of those new players will decide to purchase additional content or microtransactions for games included in the service. Regardless, this seems like a good deal for users.

PC Game Pass PC Game Pass PC Game Pass Microsoft $9.99 $1 (first month) subscription Network N earns commissions on eligible purchases through Microsoft and other programs.

There have been recent reports that the best Wolfenstein games on PC may be coming to the Game Pass service. The Persona series of JRPG games will join subscription platforms in the coming months, starting with the October 21 release of Persona 5 Royal Edition. The long-awaited sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong, will also arrive on the first day of Game Pass. We don’t have an exact date yet.

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