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John Romero is considered a pioneer in co-creating Doom, but it turned out that it took him a long time to get the iconic FPS.

Nearly thirty years have passed, the original doom Gaming still affects an industry that has changed dramatically since its early days. It’s not just a reboot that puts it back in the spotlight. The 1993 release was one of the most influential FPS games of all time. However, it didn’t come from a simple idea and the spark of a group of young developers who decided to kick off an entire genre of games. As it turns out, it took longer for the game to become a reality.

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At least that’s what John Romero said.For those unaware, Romero is credited as one of the creatives behind the first doom games, and John Carmack, now at Oculus.In a recent tweet by the former, he gave potential developers some words of encouragement, saying “Start making games. Any games.” He ended the tweet by saying doom This is the 90th game he’s made.

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This may come as a surprise to many. id Software is a company co-founded by Romero and Carmack, along with several others, that dates back to the early 1990s.some older gamers will know Wolfenstein 3Dgoing back further, commander keene. At most, many fans will think there may have been six projects before doom Eventually the studio became an international star. However, the fact that Romero completed nearly 100 games before the innovative striker came along is quite surprising.

While the long-haired developer left id Software after finishing development earthquake, he still returns to the series that made him a household name in the industry.Earlier this year, John Romero posted doom 2 Support for maps of Ukraine. The custom level, dubbed “One Human,” managed to raise around $27,000 at the time, with all proceeds going to those affected by the Russian invasion that began in February of this year.

In addition to this, John Romero also revealed that he is working on a new FPS game.Although he was always known for his early PC games, namely doom, earthquakeand Wolfenstein 3D, he is still actively developing the game. 2000’s favorite blockbuster Didn’t make much of an impact, especially after the man himself hyped it up, but hopefully his next project will be as successful as his classics.

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