The Boston Red Sox had a bad July, falling from the fourth-best record in the American League to realistic playoff hopes.Most of them are due to rough defense.

Well, August hasn’t been much better for the Red Sox so far.All you have to do is look at the center fielder in the seventh inning Jalen Duran Played against the Kansas City Royals once to see why.

Duran was involved the entire game, starting with him missing a regular fly ball in the sun. Later in the game, he attempted a jumping grip on the wall. When he missed that attempt, he exchanged views with some of the fans sitting behind the midfield wall.Then, when Duran finally made it (a dive), he still Had to be restricted from interacting with booing Royal fans.

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This all happened before the Red Sox even recorded their second out in the inning.While the Red Sox managed to escape that inning with only two runs allowed, the Royals pulled the game away with six in the eighth inning to lead 13-3. 13-5 winAfter that, Duran somehow stayed in midfield.

No wonder Red Sox fans weren’t happy with the way Duran handled there. Just two weeks ago, Duran hit the wrong ball that led to a major in the park.

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