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As expectations rise Grand Theft Auto 6, players are increasingly excited about the possibility of a brand new adventure in one of the series’ most popular cities.From Miami-inspired Sin City vistas to the humble streets of Liberty City, the possibilities are endless, and the next entry in the series has giant shoes to fill Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar Games will seek to create another unforgettable experience in another gorgeous open world.

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since Grand Theft Auto 3 A major leap forward in establishing the 3D open world genre, Grand Theft Auto Always maintain a leading position in the industry. Rockstar Games relies heavily on Grand Theft Auto drive sales, and Grand Theft Auto 5The commitment to longevity has made it one of the games of choice for many players across three console generations. One of the reasons for its continued success is Los Santos itself, but as open-world settings in the AAA space get bigger and bigger, Grand Theft Auto A smaller, more intimate setting is better.

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GTA 4 shows huge maps need better traversal

one of the biggest criticisms GTA 4 is its impressive driving mechanism. In a franchise that relied heavily on stealing, driving, and upgrading cars, the vehicles in the 2008 version felt erratic, inconsistent at high speeds, and overly realistic, which was a problem. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas It feels like an improvement over previous games. Grand Theft Auto 5The driving mechanism is perfect, so GTA 4The problem is even more disappointing. The experience is greatly diminished, and one of the reasons the poor driving is so blatant is the size of the map.

Have an environment as expansive as Los Santos GTA 5, Proper traversal is important.Cars are often the fastest and easiest way to get around Grand Theft Auto, It’s even more important if it takes time to get from one side of the map to the other. In an environment that doesn’t stretch to new and absurd dimensions, flaws in the driving or walking mechanics are far less noticeable. In this case, bigger is better.

Bigger can be boring

Huge maps are harder to fill, games, etc. rage 2, crew, Ghost Recon: Breakpointand no man’s sky Prove that non-linearity is not a beneficial philosophy without proper execution. It’s more important to craft a space that has more activity than travel, and has to meet more geographic boundaries, which is worth the (often lengthy) trip on the map. underworld Knowing this, Kamurocho, a space much smaller than Los Santos, offers players a deep story and a lot of fun Grand Theft Auto 5.

This can be frustrating when a game has a huge open area without the motivation to explore it. Grand Theft Auto 5 Fill its expansive world with many activities like tennis, golf or hunting, which is one reason why Rockstar Games’ masterpiece continues to be so beloved. Grand Theft Auto Always create open worlds that are larger than other games on the market, but utilizing space is more important, and smaller maps may feel more relevant and worth doing.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 should buck the trend

Open world games are growing in popularity and map size, and Grand Theft Auto There are a few things that can be done differently to stand out.Over the past few decades, this franchise is unique because it offers the largest game map, but as Horizon Forbidden West, Skyrim, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also push the boundaries, Grand Theft Auto 6 You can make the experience more personal by pulling them inward to differentiate yourself from other AAA games.

It sounds like a downgrade, but smaller maps have their own appeal.Quality is always more important than quantity, and Bully‘s legacy shows that Rockstar has what it takes to make a small but great open world. Rockstar should provide players with an experience that focuses more on the look and feel of exploring the environment, rather than the time it takes to reach all four corners.

The open world in 2022 is bigger than ever, and fans may want Rockstar Games to follow suit and build bigger maps than ever.It’s possible, even possible, but it led the way in 2001 Grand Theft Auto 3so now is the perfect time to replicate this effect, taking the player to a much smaller GTA 5.

If the rumors are true, the next Grand Theft Auto The game is set in Vice City, and the potential for a more intimate setting is obvious. Los Angeles is much bigger than Miami in the real world, and as the latter’s Sin City, this would be Rockstar’s best chance to buck the trend and do something different. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, as it can unnecessarily extend the length of the game and make the setup feel less crowded and fun.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Currently in development.

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