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An Elden Ring player managed to defeat the game’s toughest boss without taking a single hit, mostly using shield and parry tactics.

Eldon Ring Released on February 25th, it was a critical and commercial success, but even though it’s been nearly six months since the game’s launch and players have discovered all of the game’s secrets, many are still testing builds and strategies between conquering continents .While the game is full of tough fights, the most notorious boss is Mikaela’s Blade Malenia, as she tests even the most hardcore Eldon Ring player. In a video posted to Reddit, a player managed to defeat her without taking a single hit.

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most Eldon Ring Players have at least heard of the difficulty of Malenia. She can restore her health when she hurts the player, she has a lengthy set of moves that makes her unpredictable, and she has a series of sword cuts known as Mizumai, which is very difficult to survive. Despite her difficulty, players found a way to defeat her and conquered another gruelling ordeal in the game, even if it took hours to figure out how this formidable foe worked.

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In a video posted to Reddit by user “Lancenfstr”, Eldon Ring Players use strategies that focus on parrying.The weapon skill used is called Buckler Block and is actually one of the most accessible block moves in the game; players can equip it to their Buckler shield if they chose the Bandit class at the start of the game , or can be purchased from Gostoc, the gatekeeper at Stormveil Castle, the first main story dungeon Eldon RingHowever, all of Malenia’s attacks cannot be parried, forcing players to learn strict timing and dodge to avoid seeing the infamous “you’re dead” screen in her arena.

After parrying most of her attacks, players were able to deal a lot of damage, but they also spent weeks figuring out her patterns and cutting time for the whole fight.parry Eldon Ring also a little different dark soul games even require soul Veterans relearn how to parry consistently.

Malenia, Blade of Miqueella remains one of the most difficult bosses developers From Software have ever created. At one point during development, Malenia was more difficult than it is now.There’s really a lot to discover and learn as players find unique ways to fight this formidable foe a few months after launch Eldon Ring.

Eldon Ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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