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It appears that the promised Diablo 4 internal beta is underway, and some alleged leaks have surfaced online that seem to suggest a glimpse into the upcoming RPG game. While there are plenty of reasons to be wary of leaks from early internal testing — things could very well change, after all — reports that the fantasy game will adopt a smart loot system and block high-end gear deals have sparked some discussion.

A video clip that appeared on Reddit showing the game’s character creation menu was quickly removed again, presumably because it appeared to show a unique version code that could easily be traced back to the person in charge. However, Another source reported Those unique, set and legendary gear and gold cannot be traded, and there are limited trades for low-level items.

Additionally, sources claim that Diablo 3-style smart loot will return. This puts a lot of emphasis on gear drops that provide the appropriate stats and affixes for the class you’re currently playing, rather than pulling equally from the entire pool of options. These leaks are in line with past interviews with Blizzard, who suggested that the most powerful items should be those that players should earn for themselves, not be able to trade for them.

The two topics sparked discussions in the community Blizzard Forum and Diablo IV Subsection around the theme. Defenders of smart loot say they appreciate the way it simplifies the process, ensuring that most gear has the potential to be useful for their current role. This is obviously especially noteworthy for players who like to stick to just one class. Other players have stated that they can accept smart loot as long as it doesn’t affect all of their drops – Diablo 3, for example, will throw about 85% of the item drops for your class, and the remaining 15 % from anywhere.

On the other hand, some players said that increased access to different class items would encourage them to play multiple different characters in the game and experiment. Experiencing a particularly severe drop in a career might tempt you to try a build you might otherwise overlook. If you don’t like it, the trading option pushes the social element of the game and lets you get pieces that fit you better in return. as a Redditor XAos13 put it“Smart loot makes D3 faster, at the cost of less fun.”

Diablo 4 Beta Leaked - Five Character Classes Sitting Around a Fire Pit

However, there are certainly arguments against the deal. Reddit user SpiritualScumlord claims “A game with a trade economy is a dumpster fire because it’s nothing more than bots and streamers that stock up on all the good gear and drive up prices.” Others are wary of third-party sites that may offer users a chance to use Sell ​​their best gear for real money for a profit. It’s worth noting that Diablo 3 attempted to integrate such an option into the game at launch, with its auction house – a massive failure, so much so that the leadership voted unanimously to include it remove.

A part of the Diablo community that has traditionally avoided trading – even in the popular Diablo 2 – are “SSF” (Solo Self-Found) players. These people play alone, using only equipment they find themselves. However, since Diablo is often played socially, most players seem to agree that SSF should exist only as a self-imposed playstyle, or, perhaps, a designated mode that can be toggled when starting a new character.

Diablo 4’s release date is still a ways off, so watch out for more beta spoilers in the meantime. We may not be sure how loot is implemented in co-op, but we do know the level cap and campaign length of Diablo 4. If you’re willing to get series-themed ink work as part of the ongoing Diablo Ink Journey to Hell, you can also get early Diablo 4 beta access through tattoos.

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