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SNK has just revealed that a brand new entry in the beloved fighting game franchise Fatal Fury is currently in development. The announcement was made at the latest EVO in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the team’s first game in more than 20 years, most recently in 1999’s Mark of the Wolf.

“Legends Never Die”, SNK Comment on Twitter. “After more than 20 years, Fatal Fury/ Garou is back! Finally, the long-awaited sequel has been given the green light!”

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The developer didn’t give a release date, but SNK did release a trailer and a piece of art. The game’s available platforms have yet to be announced.

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The upcoming entry in the Fatal Fury series currently has no title and is simply called “New Fatal Fury/ Garou”. On the other hand, which appears to be a sequel or some sort of follow-up to Mark of the Wolf, the trailer ends with footage of protagonist Rock Howard.

“The City of Legends is still breathing,” SNK says in the trailer, before cutting to a shot of Rock Howard standing in a back alley near two silhouetted figures. “The Hungry Wolves Wander Again. A New Destiny Hidden in the Darkness.” Fans of the series have been speculating about who might be hiding behind Rock Howard, identifying the characters as Billy Kane and Kane R. Heinley Because, the final boss of Mark of the Wolf.

Fatal Fury started in 1991 with the release of The King of Fighters. The series was further developed over the next decade, ending with Mark of the Wolf in 1999. The series was suspended after this release, making the upcoming entry the first in more than 20 years. On the other hand, these characters have appeared in several games in the King of Fighters series. Terry and Andy Bogard appear in various entries alongside Don Joe. Rock and Geese Howard also showed up.

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