Dead Rising’s unused beam gun has been re-added to the game and textured for the first time.

The original Dead Rising has gone through a lot of changes since its initial reveal. While it’s always been set in a mall, the UI, gameplay, available weapons, character design, and more have all been tweaked and changed quite a bit. Because of this, there are tons of clips left in the game, including a weapon called the beam gun, which can’t always be equipped without the help of mods.

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As well-documented by YouTuber STiP0, the beam gun is one of several different weapons in Dead Rising that are classified as unobtainable, although still in the game files.While there are many such weapons, the beam gun is a special case because trying to get it in the base version of the game will cause it to crash, it can only be obtained by using the STiP0 in the beta version of the game, as his Initial video about weapons.

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Although STiP0 figured out how to equip this gun in the Dead Rising Beta, it’s clearly unfinished, has no textures at all, and strangely fires bullets instead of beams or lasers of any kind. Due to a shader glitch, this version of the gun will flicker strangely depending on the viewing angle.

While the weapon obviously doesn’t handle textures very well, STiP0 shared a tweet indicating that he has managed to fix the shader glitch on the Beam Gun and bring it back to its full textured glory. He shared several pictures of the gun with the caption“Unused beam gun in Dead Rising with material/shader bug fixed! Cool looking weapon!”

While it may still just fire bullets rather than a real laser, we now at least know what the beam gun would look like if it were done.

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