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Nier entered the minds of gamers with the debut of the Japanese game more than a decade ago. In Japan, it’s called Nier Replicant, published by Square Enix and directed by Taro Yoko for the PlayStation 3. While it received mixed reviews at the time, it has since become a cult classic.

Nier: Automata really changed a few things when it launched in 2017, receiving rave reviews and becoming a Game of the Year. Even today, it’s generating buzz and media coverage with hidden secrets and a twisting, looping story and gameplay that the bots have become fixtures. But Square Enix has something in store for fans who really want to fix Nier at home, making these characters a more permanent fixture in their lives.

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That’s because the Japanese publisher has a “super 3D fantasy world” up for grabs, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Nier series and part of its premium collectible brand, Masterline.

This adorable statue from the main character of Nier Automata will cost you a penny.

‘Square Enix Masterline Nier: Automata 1/4 Scale Statue – Deluxe Edition. Wave 2’ was made in collaboration with Japanese statue maker Prime 1 Studio. It depicts the main characters 2B, 9S and A2. Including accessories such as replaceable head pieces, of course it’s a pretty big kit. But that’s not all it has, as the price tag is huge. very large.

This statue will set you back £2,799. Then definitely higher end. For those interested, it measures W 62.23 cm x D 58.16 cm x H 62.23 cm. You can also only order one copy per customer. Part of the price may be due to the fact that the statue is hand painted and since it is a custom item there is a non-cancellation policy once an order is placed. So make sure to buy this £2,799.

The statue is available for pre-order now.For more details, you can check it out at the Square Enix store here.

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