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The Last of Us remake kept leaking, oozing footage and details like the clicking pus-like bites that people had to avoid lest the infected material get Joel into trouble.This weekend, the latest leaks circulated on social media, with a major mid-game cutscene circulating on Twitter (thanks VGC).

We can’t go into detail about the cutscenes if there are spoilers, but for those interested, you can check out the leaked cutscenes via picture. In theory, the leaked footage shows an early version of the remake, as some visual effects, such as lighting, differ from the officially released footage.

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THEGAMER Video of the Day

Even before the game’s official release, leaks about The Last of Us Part 1 have plagued developers. The day of the official unveiling was spoiled, thanks to a leak that surfaced on the morning of the unveiling at the Summer Games Festival. With the world already knowing a lot about what’s to come, the atmosphere of the announcement at the event got a little out of hand, as Neil Druckmann took to the stage at the end of the Summer Games Fest in June, leaving a gloomy feeling behind. Should be more of a surprise. But before that, rumors and hints of a remake had been circulating for months.

Since then, Naughty Dog has shown more content, with fans able to get a ton of new visuals and learn more about new game features in the 10-minute long deep dive, which is largely focused on AI. YouTube. After the video was released, Naughty Dog’s VP Arne Meyer offered the leaker some options.

“The leak is really bad,” he said in Twitter“Especially when we’re on the cusp of asset decline. It’s frustrating and frustrating for a team that’s dedicated to doing awesome things for our fans.”

The Last of Us Part 1 launches on September 2 for $69.99/£69.99, which itself has sparked some debate.

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