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Xbox Game Pass Plans have been outlined through August 15, with several games in the works, with five games launching on that date. As the time draws closer, Xbox Game Pass will likely reveal its plans in the second half of August, but until then, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Next Xbox Game Pass drop is August 9th, players can check out two o’clock campus On PC, cloud and console. It’s a college management simulator, but there’s a lot of emotion in its mechanics.

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Xbox Game Pass – Two Point Campus

Teachers are not a profession to get rich, but a special passion.although two o’clock campus Instead of putting players directly in the position of a professor, approach this passion from an executive/managerial position. Players will need to build, upgrade and appoint classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, cultural events, extracurriculars, lecturers, assistants and janitors. two o’clock campus Take a student-first approach, as players not only need to make sure they’re getting a good education, but that they don’t avoid enjoying the nightlife by being overly stressed. Vice versa, a student who is overly involved in a party scene may not attend class (and thus, may fail).

Student archetypes and characters are generated, and it is up to the player to navigate their college journey. Game time is about 20 minutes per year, and players will continue to meet new students as new students arrive and graduations take place. How and whether each student succeeds or fails is up to the player, ensuring this is an emotional journey.Of course, as a game without some hilarious additions like learning to be a medieval knight or wanting to sign up Hogwarts Legacy– Magic class.

It’s this focus on students that sets this game apart from other management simulation games. As GamesRadar reported back in 2021, game director Gary Carr said: “The byproduct of what we want is, when you say goodbye to your first sign-up, if we can get you to wave them into the great expanse of the world, Awesome.” The game does this by putting these students first and injecting as much emotion into the simulation as possible.

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers get some games every month.

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