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if you have played skyrim, you have a good chance of encountering the malevolent Falmer – the unseen underground enemy who lives alongside Chaurus, making your adventure in the ruins of Dwemer an absolute nightmare. Dig into Skyrim’s history, though, and you’ll find out more about Falmer and its origins.

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Their name will give you a clue – Falmer. Altmer, Bosmer, and Dunmer (all sprites) also use the suffix “-mer”. Altmer is a high elf, Bosmer is a wood elf, Dunmer is a dark elf, and the hateful Falmer was once a proud snow elf.

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Origin of Snow Elf

Elves or mers are the oldest inhabitants of Tamriel, followed by humans and beasts. Falmer, or snow elves, are so called because they live in the furthest reaches of the continent, among the snowy lands and mountainous high rocks of Skyrim. Revered for their magical talents, they are said to have created a great civilization that rivaled Summerset’s.

They are a devout people, and the worship of Oriel (the primordial god in most elven pantheons) is very important. Pilgrimage is their creed, usually to the church of Auri-El. The church, still standing in the Forgotten Valley, is one of the only examples of snow elf architecture we can examine ourselves in-game.

Are there ice spirits? I’ve heard of these strange creatures, but until recently, I didn’t see these stories as myths. But now I’m pretty sure I’ve come across one. – Ice Elf: Fact or Fiction?

So how did the snow elves become our enemies in Skyrim? Well, as is often the case in the region, the Nords are to blame.

The Night of Tears and the Fall of the Snow Prince

Over the years, the Snow Elves found themselves at odds with the Nords of Skyrim. Full-scale hostilities erupted in Skyrim when elves enslaved humans in other parts of Tamriel. It was a spark that brought things to a boil – an event that came to be known as the Night of Tears.

The Nords succeeded in flourishing in northern Skyrim, creating the magnificent city of Saltal. Very close to Winterhold and the location of the early Mage Guild quests in Skyrim, Saarthal is a magnificent settlement built on top of the Eye of Magnus, an incredibly powerful artifact of great interest to humans and humans alike.

Over time, we’ve blurred the real motive behind Night of Tears, but I believe it’s not a simple territorial war, nor the control of Skyrim. I believe what happened was a major event based on something very special. -Dranor Seleth’s Night of Tears

The Snow Elf attacked Thrall and razed it to the ground. While it’s not known why they did it, the Eye of Magnus was a compelling scapegoat. Regardless, they committed the atrocity, leaving only a few survivors – it’s worth noting that Isgramo escaped the attack, which would have been the demise of the Snow Elves.

Ysgramor is known for his crusades, and he is bent on driving the elves out of the sky. He did this quite successfully and even went on to hunt the sea to Solstheim, an island in the Morrowind region. This is where the Battle of Moslin took place – many fighters on both sides were killed, but it was the angry sword of a 12-year-old Nord girl who took the Snow Prince’s life, an important figure we thought was known very little , but who may hold important positions of power in the Snow Elf hierarchy.

While he was honorably buried among his Nord enemies, the Snow Elf had no puppet.

With the Snow Prince killed, the Snow Elf had to admit defeat.

Dealing with Dwemer

News came that the great Snow Prince was killed in battle. The urgency of hiding has distracted many of us, and some of us are still unsure which direction to turn. On long nights we are always huddled together, always fearing the worst, until the first light of the happy sun. May Auri-El guide our steps. – Myrthir Angote Magazine

Terrified, the snow elves made a deal with the dwarves, an underground race of elves whose settlements spread across the sky, and which the snow elves still consider home.

As if their luck wasn’t enough, the deal proved to be the Snow Elf’s final flop. In return for this necessary protection, the Dwemer used the snow elves to force them into slavery. To make matters worse, the Dwemer, in their isolationist distrust of any non-Dwemer, forced the snow elves to eat a poisonous fungus that blinded them completely and made it a vital core of their diet. part. The fungus proved so powerful and powerful that the race would remain invisible forever.

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The sequence of events here is unclear. It’s possible that the Dwemer forced Falmer to eat incapacitated fungi as a means of protecting himself, and then took advantage of the blind snow elves, but it’s also possible that the Dwemer enslaved them in the first place, using fungi to ensure enslavement and obedience.

It was during this time that some of the Falmer secretly carved a giant statue similar to theirs in the settlement of Dwemer in Irkngthand. Two giant gems named “Eye of Falmer” are set in the statue, becoming a legend of would-be looters and thieves.

But like the story of slaves and their masters, Farmer eventually rebelled. Generations after they first sought solace among the dwarves and experienced a painful betrayal, the Falmers rose up against their oppressors. They overthrew the dwarves and fled deeper, into the deepest, most secluded places in Black Ridge. – Falmer: A Study by Ursa Uthrax

Over time, the snow elves adapted to their newfound plight and managed to establish their own settlement. They fought a bloody war with the Dwemer for years known as the Battle of the Rock. The war did not end until the entire Dwemer suddenly disappeared. In the absence of enemies and causes, Falmers are now more like what we’ve seen in video games, living in relative peace, occasionally raiding the ground and viciously attacking any non-Falmer that crosses their path.

Falmer today

Finally freed from the threat of the Dwemer overlords, Falmer is free to spread throughout Blackreach. But years of fighting the dwarves have made them bloodthirsty and brutal. Feeling the need to conquer and kill, they began raiding the surface world. And so the legend began. Small, blind, goblin-like creatures that rise from cracks in the earth late at night, slaughter livestock, attack lonely travelers, and steal sleeping babies from cribs. – Falmer: A Study by Ursa Uthrax

We know very little about the snow sprites that appear in the game. They’re interesting enemies whose blindness can get in your way with spells and enchantments, and ferocious opponents for those who don’t, but their history is rarely encountered in quests and books arrive. Much of what we learn is observational.

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For example, they were able to domesticate chaurus, insectoids, giant creatures with chitin armor and venom. They use these beasts in battle, as well as as food and to make chitin armor. Their settlements were not well protected, usually with only tents and short walls made of basic materials and chaurus chitin.

The Falmers also seem to have fantastic hearing to make up for their lack of vision. You’ll meet many Falmer archers in their settlements, and their goals are as real as any other race.

Of course, it’s just about Falmer taking the Dwemer deal. Some Falmers don’t. Specifically, Falmer, who lives in the Auri-El church, heard that it was too late to seek asylum in Dwemer and so did not succumb to the Dwemer toxin. Two can be encountered in Skyrim’s Dawnguard expansion – the knight Paladin Gelebor and his brother Vyrthur, a vampire snow elf that you must put down.

There are likely other isolated Snow Elf meetings elsewhere in Nirn as well. – Gelebor, Dawnguard

Notably, Gelebor made a strict distinction between himself and his underground cousin. He claimed to be the Snow Elf, the descendant of the unfortunate multitude who accepted the dwarf trade, and betrayed him. Calling the Fallen Falmer the Betrayed seems like an apt nickname – what the Dwemer did to them seems like an irreversible crime.

Ultimately, however, the popular perception is that the Snow Elf is just a point in history, and that Falmer is a bedtime story to warn kids not to stay out too late. Much of what we know comes from first-hand accounts, research by scholars like Markarth’s Calcelmo, and books we can read in-game. It remains to be seen whether their plight and future will be explored more thoroughly in the future.

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