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TikTok is right about the coastal grandmother’s love of tea parties and antique china.

Summer Garden Tea Party.

Antique china is common in some coastal homes.

Binet/Getty Images

Several TikTok videos Serving tea and using “casual china” is recommended. A video featuring lavender tea recipeswhich may be due to certain types of lavender grows naturally on the coast.

My family picks mint from the garden to make “sun tea”. We chopped the mint, put it in a pitcher with black tea bags, and left it out in the sun all day.

I also found coffee cake and Lemon Bread The recipe on TikTok does look very similar to the cake my coastal grandmother served. I have spent many happy mornings on the patio, sipping sun tea, eating baked pastries and listening to the hum of the waves.

Nicoletta mentioned Serving these coastal recipes in China is common in my community, and coastal families often have special dishes that are usually passed down through the family.

In our house, we can’t wash most of the crockery in the dishwasher because it’s so delicate that it’s at least 100 years old. Our china, like most objects in our home, usually has a story: from a distant royal family, rescued from communists during the Russian Revolution, used during the Civil War, etc.

All these antiques can make a beach vacation with kids a little bit of a challenge because I’m always worried my kids will break things. One of their favorite items was a little chair from my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, so it’s from the 1800s. So far we have managed to keep it intact.

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