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A bizarre clip from Elden Ring shows a group of players preparing to jump into an incredibly tough fight while she waits in the hallway.

Jump online in similar games Eldon Ring Often leads to some bizarre encounters, from fighting powerful invaders to finding a summoned host in nothing but a pot and underwear.However, other situations may lead to joining another player’s world, while Eldon Ring Cope with glitches that mess with the way you interact with your boss.

recently in Eldon Ring subreddit, which initially seemed to be what happened when the player was summoned to the corridor leading to Malenia. When looking at how the host can cause the boss to appear in the wrong area, it has a strange effect that is somewhat simpler to explain.

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The short video originally showed the original poster, Reddit user Abdullah Hariri, being summoned in the hallway as curled fingers. Eldon RingThe Haligtree dungeon, leading to a boss fight with Malenia. However, the boss isn’t behind the foggy wall as she should be. Instead, Malenia stands in the hall with the master and three curled fingers. Additionally, whenever any player or host approaches or attacks the boss, she doesn’t react at all, allowing them to walk around and wield weapons at will.

As other fans who commented on the original post have pointed out, this is most likely due to the moderators using a cheat engine to mod Malenia outside the foggy wall. According to Abdullah Hariri, this strangeness is not limited to Marinia who appears in the halls, as not only has the host summoned more curled fingers than is usually allowed, but there is also an intruder in the BOSS arena. Field waiting.Considering several aspects of the story, and the absence of the owner’s name, the most likely explanation is that Malenia’s presence in the lobby is simply the result of a refit Eldon Ring Summon bosses in the wrong area.

It can sometimes be fun to spot various glitches Eldon Ring, either kill the boss in a heartbeat, or let the torrent fly through the air. However, as the modding community has been able to make the cheat engine more and more stable, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what’s a real glitch and what’s a player messing with the code. Either way, the results can be interesting as bosses act awkwardly and players unknowingly take on enemies they may not have expected.

Eldon Ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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