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Someone made a first-person horror game inspired by Super Mario 64.

As you’d expect from one of the most influential and popular games of all time, Super Mario 64 has been the basis for a ton of fan-made mods over the years. While you might think at this point you’ve seen it turn into pretty much everything, the latest change to the formula is something else entirely – a first-person horror game.

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As shown by YouTuber AlphaBetaGamera short horror experience titled “Another Princess in Our Castle,” Produced by CM9_AnimationThe description of the demo sets the plot, “You play as Mario, the hero of the mushroom kingdom. You decide to return to Peach’s castle a few years after the princess’s death, but something is not quite right”.

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Footage from the demo shows Mario roaming the halls of Princess Peach’s castle, looking like it was ripped straight out of Super Mario 64, looking for eight different figurines hidden in different rooms. To find the statue, players must explore each of its rooms and try to avoid the ghosts floating around waiting to kill Mario’s princess Peach.

If the player encounters Peach, their only options are to run away and hide from her in treasure chests scattered around the cow, or fail the submission and be eaten by Peach’s ghost and startle the plumber’s loud noise. I can safely admit to jumping for the first time. Once players have collected all eight figurines, they can open the final door and end the demo.

It’s a very unique take on Super Mario 64 that we haven’t seen before, and it looks like we might see it take it a step further, as CM9_Animation said in the demo’s description, “This is inspired by Super Mario 64 inspired horror experience. It’s just a demo at the moment, but I plan to make it a full game.” Well, we doubt Nintendo’s lawyers will allow this, but for now, it’s an eerie take on the classic.

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