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Family Guy funny moment – we’ve all seen this title before. No matter which side of YouTube you’re on, like it or not, you’ve already got one of the many mixes. However, as it turns out, these channels also have a dark side, with one seemingly running a full-blown pyramid scheme that promises investors returns of up to $10,000 per month.

The initial sign-up price was $47 (an alleged discount of the original price of $147), and people were told they would be taught how to make thousands of dollars from “zero jobs.”The course promises you only 20 minutes of work a day, but of course there’s very little information on how much you’ll pay back Registration fee, who the hell is running this.

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Twitter user @plankwav shared the discovery. It shows that YouTube channel “Family Guy Wild” is sharing their video making lessons in the comments section of their Family Guy Funny Moments videos.

Indeed, you can still find the link on the YouTube channel. Interestingly, the page doesn’t seem to be found via Google, so it’s probably just advertising on this page. This makes it difficult to figure out who actually owns it, since the page itself does not contain identifying information.

However, it features a bunch of crazy claims about making thousands of dollars a month.

“You have a chance to replicate the entire system I built by taking a $47 course called YouTube Shorts Mastery,” the cryptic website reads. “Our course reveals a repeatable, systematic, and simple way to build a profitable short channel…in just 20 minutes a day…really!”

To find out more about what’s actually going on here, we popped them a message at the email address they listed on their YouTube page. We’ve asked if you need to pay anything above the initial $47, but they haven’t gotten back to us yet.

Based on the pictures on the website, the course will help you choose a topic for your channel, choose when to upload it, and even hire a team to do all the actual work for you. After this, they say you will be doing 20 minutes of work a day. While there are testimonials, they are anonymous, so there is no way to fact-check these claims.

You won’t get very far on the site without entering some payment information. As curious as I was, it wasn’t enough to convince me to fork my debit card information, so it was hard to tell who was actually running the operation. A search of the wording used on the site only leads us to see a bunch of other self-proclaimed YouTube algorithm experts whipping up their own courses, so the Family Guy staff aren’t alone in this field.

In any event, we’ll keep you informed of any updates we hear from the Family Guy Wild crew. So maybe hold off on registration, eh?

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