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Online survival game from Facepunch Studios rust For newbies, this can be a tough challenge, as it triggers the onslaught of happy players and vicious wild animals. However, as a game that requires a lot of crafting, it does provide fans with the means by which they can get through each night, albeit difficult. Despite its punishing nature, or possibly because of that, it’s popular with many who prefer the online experience, and the studio has been rolling out fairly significant updates.

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With this in mind, the developers recently announced the August patch rust, as with many such updates, it comes with a series of changes and tweaks. In addition to the introduction of two new throwables, Flashbangs and Molotov cocktails, there have also been some improvements to the overall lighting, as well as some quality of life tweaks, including updating the wooden sign and making it easier to climb cliffs. Perhaps one of the most notable changes in this update is the change to the overground rail system.

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rust The rails feature was implemented back in April, and while it was just a “proof of concept” at the time, this new patch has made some improvements. First, the rail network is now connected to the Trainyard area of ​​the map, which itself has a new tower added. The rail siding has also been tweaked a bit and can now spawn unloadable wagons containing ore such as iron or sulfur, some fuel, and even loot. A post on the game’s Steam page also says the Work Cart engine has been reduced in power.

It’s clear that Facepunch is keen to keep things good in its brutal title.July update rust Ability to balance combat more, optimize some loading, and the usual ranks of bug fixes and general tweaks.The team is still working on global rust The competition between multiple Twitch streamers around the world will take place on August 9th.

As one of the most brutal survival games, with Day Z and long dark, rust Known for its ruthless game mechanics. The chances of it happening to a malicious player with a gun are all too common. But even in avoiding other survivors, the world is rather miserable, as avoiding thirst, finding shelter, and keeping real wolves out of the door becomes a chore.

rust Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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