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Orvis is one of the weirdest islands lost ark A must offer and seems very Halloween style, all pumpkins have faces carved. The atmosphere is also dark, and the island is home to one of Aksia’s wild chiefs: the Harvest Lord incarnate.

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Orvis Island is a secondary island, so first-level players must keep their distance. Also, there are secondary foraging and mining nodes here if you want to exercise your life skills, but the island has a lot of hostile mobs making collecting a little annoying. Anyway, there’s a lot going on here, so let’s check it out.

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Where is Orvis Island?

Ovis Island is located in the southern Gina Sea, southeast of East Lutra.

The Isle of Orvis is in the backwaters on the second floor; crafted Make sure you have your boat ready for them.

Island Soul

The way to obtain the island soul (or token) of Orvis Island is very simple, such as All you need to do is kill the field boss Harvest Lord AvatarThat said, this is an RNG drop, so be prepared to kill this big pumpkin-headed, scythe-wielding boss a few times.

Harvest Lord Incarnate did not always exist because he was based on Procyon’s Compass Timer. Keep an eye out for when world bosses are active because They are not available every day As they rotate with the other three events on the Procyon compass.

Mococo Seeds

There are only two Mococo seeds on Orvisboth in a relatively simple place, although it requires Song of Vibes to access.

The hidden entrance to the two seeds is at the tip of the southeastern strip of the island (left image).play song of resonance Next to it, the statue will slide back to reveal the glowing gold shipping box. Step on it and you’ll be taken to a small room where both seeds are located (image on the right).

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Yuna’s mission

Una’s mission on Orvis is not complicated, as it only requires you to destroy ten pumpkins. The picture above is the best option, as there are no mobs nearby to attack you, and you can destroy two pumpkins at a time.That is, a total of 30 days Reputation needs to be maximized for this quest, which is divided into three levels:

  • level one – 70/70 (seven daily newspapers), reward 35,000 credits.
  • Second floor – 80/80 (eight daily newspapers), reward 40,000 credits and a professional potion.
  • the third floor – 150/150 (fifteen daily newspapers), reward Crafting Recipe: Pumpkin Scarecrow, Attribute Boosting Potion, Vitality Boosting Potion, and 76,000 credits.

The Harvest Lord’s mind should give you the Island Soul when you do this every day, but if not, just keep at it! Luck will eventually work in your favor.

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