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He’s a bright mind, and his ideas have inspired countless film adaptations, with many more to come.However, despite his usual criticism of horror adaptations, Stephen King isn’t such a harsh judge, as the author recently admitted that the only film he’s come out of is Michael Bay’s Transformers.

There’s so much to do with the film that King has, but even his own stories tend to garner some absolute box office or key bombs, as recent film adaptations have shown fire starter. That is, recent hits like Netflix Gerald’s game and 1922HBO’s outsideror blockbuster it All show the greatness of the King’s Classic.However, every time King has to witness one of his works being slaughtered, only Bay’s Transformers Really has the ability to press his buttons that much.

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The discovery emerged in a Twitter exchange with author Linwood Barclay (no time to say goodbye), who tweeted that Jurassic world domination It’s the first movie he’s pulled out of in a long time.the king responded Transformers This honor for him.To be clear, Kim seems to be more forgiving than Barclays as the latter just adds Jurassic World‘s final chapter to a much larger list, and for Kim, Bey’s explosive special effects showcase is no second worse.

Keeping up with his usual Twitter persona, King also openly asked people what other movies they had pulled out of.some people mentioned vanilla sky, Mother, Little Red Riding Hoodeven the first Mission impossible, thus proving that each mind is its own world.Interestingly, Kim is usually very upbeat about current entertainment, even praising it yellow jacket earlier this year.

So what is it about Transformers Annoying the king so much? Well, unfortunately, the author doesn’t really address that part, although it’s not hard to imagine a novelist who likes character development doesn’t care much about giant CGI robots.As for the hype Jurassic world dominationKing didn’t comment on it either, but don’t know if that means he hasn’t seen it, or if it’s okay for him.

Currently, HBO is producing a it prequel series, although anyone who wants to see a list of Kim’s best adaptations can always give Carrie or suffering Give it a try, remember, King doesn’t have much love shining.

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