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Steam Deck recently added support for classic Nintendo controllers, and a new update to the PC gaming client adds compatibility for Joy-Cons.

Suffice it to say, console gaming is nothing without a good, and most importantly, intuitive controller. Nintendo’s control pads have changed significantly over the years, from the angular, two-button NES boards to the odd three-tube monster that came with the N64, all the way to the modern-day Switch’s Joy-Cons.The latter shows how far the technology has advanced over the past few decades, with the recent discovery of Valve’s steam The platform will now support these colored sticks.

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According to the latest client beta update that rolled out a few days ago, Steam now offers support for Joy-Con controllers, adding that they can be used both individually as “mini gamepads” or in combination. That’s certainly good news for those who play PC games but want the option to use a different controller and own a Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, this development comes just a few months after Apple made Joy-Cons compatible with iOS 16.

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This update comes shortly after Steam Deck added compatibility for classic Nintendo Online controllers. This means anyone with one of Valve’s mobile devices can now connect their NES, SNES or N64 pads. It should be clear that this support is for modern iterations of these iconic controllers as they feature USB connectivity, but it at least shows that Valve is ready to open the door for anyone who wants to use them with other peripherals via general Steam , or on the deck. It’s too early to say if more controllers will be added to the roster, such as the Sega Genesis gamepad.

On top of that, Valve just patented a new feature for Steam that could better recommend games. It seems that this patent is based on existing quality of life policies. The ultimate goal, it is said, is to be able to generate custom compiled videos related to games that users think users might enjoy based on their history.

Valve is one of the most successful game companies in the world, owning steam become its most profitable asset.early to create half lifewhich has become one of the most popular FPS games of all time, and the developer is now more focused on its PC storefront, the aforementioned Steam Deck represents a successful entry into the hardware market after years of unsuccessful attempts.

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