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As with any such conflict, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was accompanied by its own propaganda to justify these horrific events. And no matter what this propaganda conveys, what matters in the end is that innocent people continue to be killed and displaced. Like many in the region, the developers at GSC Game World were affected by the war and suspended Stalker 2.

While development on the sequel has now resumed, a console port of the rumored Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl has leaked. Leaks from the video game industry are not surprising, but this leak was accompanied by a rather odd document that could be some form of propaganda or someone sitting in the safety of their home unaware that the missile was The result of becoming a target in a Ukrainian city.

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according to computer gamer, the letter was written by Russian streamers “Nevazhno, Kto” and “Velichaishii” – which translate to “It doesn’t matter who is who” and “Greatest” respectively. It’s also not a single page — it’s a five-page document, and the streamer admits they leaked an early version of the console port, and why they did so.

“[GSC] Throw away everyone who has supported their game for 15 years and kept it alive,” Nevazhno wrote, talking about how the developers discriminated against their Russian fanbase after Ukraine was attacked by the country’s military. They offered many reasons to leak the build — – such as “continuous discrimination in Russia” [GSC’s] Discord server” and the developer raising funds to support the Ukrainian military. “The purchase of weapons and military equipment is not a charity event,” they wrote.

GSC Game World was contacted by PCGamer, who responded: “We’ve been posting requests to help Ukraine on our social media and online resources – just like thousands of other Ukrainian companies… Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning The thing is, we also clarified later on the Russian contribution. We think we are probably the absolute few – if not the only – to do so.”

Nevazhno also claimed that the leak came from GSC employees who were unhappy with the way the company treated the Russian player base.

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