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although Square Enix Possibly recently shrinking its core gaming business by divesting its Western studios, the publisher intends to continue offering games of all genres, both JRPG and non-JRPG.One of the recent highlights in particular is its augmented reality production space invaders Mobile games, should soon enter the playtest phase.

With that in mind, a specific Square Enix patent recently filed means the publisher is already considering other augmented reality projects with space invaders game.Namely, the patent appears to reference systems and features that may be out of scope space invaders‘ feature set and may imply some future version of SE.

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Collaboration between Square Enix Montreal and Taitung, AR space invaders The game was announced last year, and its production seems to be going well. However, Square Enix isn’t fiddling with its proverbial thumb in the meantime, and the new patent effectively describes an AR widget that players can interact with to increase user engagement. By interacting with these virtual objects, players can control the provided AR experience in a number of ways, the patent cites “operations, movements, and state changes,” depending on the given context.

While it is entirely possible that such a system could be used for the cited space invaders game, the reason the patent seems unlikely to be relevant is that the game is pretty much available for playtesting. Therefore, the patent control scheme must be submitted in advance.Instead, since this is a new listing, the obvious hint is that Square Enix may be looking for ways to take advantage of augmented reality in the future, along with its flagship projects like 2023’s forgotten.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Square Enix is ​​also making a big push into the NFT business.that is final fantasy 7 NFTs are in the works, and if Square Enix isn’t sure about that direction, it won’t be using one of its largest and most well-established intellectual properties to drive this development. At this point, it’s hard to say whether AR or NFTs will ultimately be more profitable for the company, but it’s hard to argue with putting all your eggs in one basket.

Oddly, Sony might be interested in acquiring Square Enix at this point. Rumors of a potential acquisition have been swirling for months, and with the vast majority of its Western IP sold out, Square Enix could be a good deal for a major company looking to bolster its JRPG portfolio acquisition. Whether or not that ends up being the case, however, is anyone’s guess at the moment.

Augmented Reality space invaders The mobile game is currently in development.

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