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Patch 1.4 for Sonic Origins has just been released, fixing nearly 80 known bugs found in the retro collectible game. However, some players are still completely unable to launch the game on PC, with apparent oversight preventing the game from launching on the platform.

According to some players, anyone with a unicode character in their Windows name (any symbol that normally doesn’t appear on a QWERTY keyboard) can’t launch Sonic Origins. This affects players with accents in their real names, which seems to be an issue even after the huge patch.

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The bug was discovered early on, and users on Steam discuss Why can’t they launch Sonic Origins on the PC. One user said it died on them “almost immediately”, seemingly due to the game’s inability to handle unicode in the game’s directory.

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Now, according to Twitter user and software developer @DeaThProj, the issue remains unresolved after the latest update.

“The game still won’t launch if your Windows username contains Unicode characters,” DeatThProj wrote. “Hope for a fix, or am I stuck with a $40 electronic paperweight?”

As users mentioned in their tweets, they have found a solution. However, given the kind of changes it requires players to make, casual and/or younger fans are unlikely to think it’s feasible, or even realize the problem in the first place. As DeaThProj highlighted on Steam, it puts many players who don’t have English as their first language at a disadvantage, as they are more likely to have characters in their Windows names,

The Sega and Sonic teams have yet to respond to the complaint.

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