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Cloth is one of the most important crafting materials in RimWorld, allowing players to keep their colonists warm, comfortable and happy.

fringe worldthe hit colony management sim from Ludeon Studios revives the spirit of the cult classic Dwarf Fortress. Players must protect a group of colonists trapped in a remote world and guide them to build a safe and happy colony. fringe world Full of dangers for the colonists to overcome, from hunger to madness, from pirates to insect swarms.

Colonial life fringe world It was tough, but life was tougher for the naked colonists.It is for this reason that cloth is one of fringe worldThe most important crafting material, allowing players to not only dress their colonists, but also provide them with comfort and relaxation. However, cloth is not a naturally generated material on the map, and it may be difficult for players to obtain it.

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How to get cloth in RimWorld

By far the easiest way to get Cloth fringe world It is grown by growing cotton plants. These plants need at least 70% fertility and a safe growing temperature between 10C (50F) and 42C (107F). On temperate maps, players are advised to plant at least a small amount of cotton when first planting a food crop at the start of the game.Have fringe world Colonists with the best traits and high growth skills will allow players to grow more plants without consuming too much farming time from their colonists.

Cotton plants take about 14 days to grow, taking into account the rest time in the evening, and fully mature plants will yield 10 cloths when harvested. While this is a lot of cloth from each plant, not all colonies are able to support cotton farms. In colonies that lack fertile soil or good farming skills, the only way to get cloth is to buy it from merchants.Trade caravans will regularly visit a colony to provide raw materials such as cloth and rare items such as the best ranged weapons fringe world. Players can also trade with orbiting ships after unlocking the communication console.

How to work with cloth in RimWorld

The most important use of cloth fringe world is making clothes.Most colonists have a major emotional impact fringe world In addition to the danger of hypothermia or heat stroke, avoid being naked. The only colonists who were happy to be naked were those with nudist traits, who suffered more heat and cold even when they were naked. Cloth can also be used to create anti-aircraft armor, offering some of the best protection in the game.

In addition to clothing, cloth is also an ingredient in items that can improve the comfort and entertainment needs of colonists. fringe world. This includes a pool table and a poker table, two pieces of furniture that can quickly satisfy entertainment needs, as well as comfortable armchairs for the colonists to relax, and a rug that enhances the beauty of the room.

fringe world Now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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