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Rockstar’s Wild West immersive sim, Red Dead Redemption 2, is as real as a AAA game. It’s full of details, from wildlife hunting each other to hilarious end-of-life accidents on the road. Unfortunately, this includes death if you slip and fall off a cliff. Fortunately, a glitch was discovered that saved dear old Arthur Morgan from any fall.

As we all know, in 1899, the layman didn’t know about gravity, so if you don’t believe it or notice it, it won’t hurt you. You can use this to your advantage by having Arthur consume the poisonous cattail before the planned fall, turning certain deaths into a handy shortcut.

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But how exactly does it work? Well, as shown in the video below, when Arthur eats the poisonous plant, he starts to vomit. This animation replaces everything, that’s what he needs to vomit. This means that if you position yourself on a ledge when he starts vomiting, the animation will play and he will step forward, fall and land unscathed.

Another great thing is that his vomit seems to come straight out of the back of his head because he falls in faster than it falls on its own, it looks like he’s coming out of some secret back mouth spit out. What a horrible idea.

The abuse of animated invulnerability in video games is nothing new, but players are always looking for new ways to exploit them. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fairly slow game, and you should enjoy taking it slow. So if you don’t, use it to get down from heights quickly.

In Red Dead Online news, Rockstar recently announced that the game will no longer receive “major themed content updates” as the company turns resources towards GTA 6 development.

It appears that even animals and NPCs have received the memo, as a new PC exploit leaves the game’s lands completely barren for some players. Creepy and turned the world into a real ghost town.

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