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More details on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were revealed earlier this week, as the game introduced more characters like the head of the house Clavell, the head teacher Jacq, and your shy new antagonist Penny. We also briefly profiled some of the game’s gym leaders, with most fans choosing to focus on Grusha, the ice gym leader. Like Professor Turo and Sada earlier this year, fan artists are hooked.

Lots of NSFW fan art floods Twitter and related sites as you might expect. However, Game Freak itself caused confusion and made fan artists question their own sexuality, as they revealed that although Grusha looked more feminine, he was actually a person with his/her pronouns. According to the official description, Grusha is a calm snowboarder who shows his true emotions in the heat of battle.

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When Grusha’s gender was confirmed, the reaction was mixed, but NSFW fan artists got down on their knees and had painted a few playful drawings of Grusha thinking he was a woman (thanks, small house). One fan, in particular, completely denied the model and decided to reject this new information entirely.Other fans decide Embrace their bisexual awakening, one of them said “If Grusha is a man, call me gay”. No matter what you think of Grusha, the truth is that bisexuals are winning all the time.

In addition to the new Gym Leader, we’ve got an initial look at the Paldea region, a revelation of the legendary characters to ride from the start, and a showcase of the game’s new Tera Evolution combat gimmick. Game Freak also revealed some new Pokemon for Scarlet & Violet, including an adorable dog named Fidough made of bread, and Wooper’s Paldean form, making him the first addition since Gen 1 To the poison/earth type in the series.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is still on track for a November 18 launch later this year.

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