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In case you missed the news, Game Freak recently gave us an extended trailer showing off some of the new features for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, including an initial look at the Paldea region, rideable legendaries, and the game’s new battles Gimmicks – Tera Evolutions. None of these features, however, excite fans more than an adorable new Pokemon on the block, an adorable little puppy made out of bread called Fidough.

The bun has been confirmed to be a pure Fairy Pokemon with “smooth, moist, bouncy skin” that helps bake by breathing yeast.Although only briefly displayed during the event, it didn’t take long for Twitter to absolutely flooded and Fido fan Art All shapes and sizes, imagine him as different types of bread with different flavors. Thank goodness, none of it seems very playful this time around.

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But while everyone’s attention is controlled by Fidough, one unfortunate soul, who must feel terribly abandoned right now, is the previous flavor of the month of Lechonk. The poor little pig has gone from being adored and appearing at events like AEW to being replaced by a cuter, younger Pokemon. Hopefully people don’t forget little Lechonk when choosing their team when starting Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – there’s room for six Pokemon in a team after all.

In addition to Fidough and other interesting new mechanics on display, the latest Pokemon Presents gave us a closer look at Scarlet & Purple’s new online co-op feature, allowing players to explore the region together for the first time. We’ve also learned that the game will feature three separate storylines, with players able to choose between them in any order they like.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is still expected to launch on November 18th later this year. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out our handy guide with everything we know so far.

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