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Pokemon fans are a little confused about the use of Koraidon and its wheels.

Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company showed us the first proper look of Pokemon Crimson and Violet, revealing all the major new gameplay mechanics in the game, region names, and even showing us some new Pokemon, Such as Fidough.

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One of the big discoveries is that the legendary Koriadon and Miraidon first appear at the start of the game and are actually used as transportation, which makes sense considering they both look like motorcycles. Still, a lot of fans are confused by Koraidon’s use of its wheels, as it appears to run on all fours, rather than using the two massive wheels it attaches to its body.

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In every shot of the player walking around with Koraidon, the Pokemon can be seen running around instead of using its wheels. It even chooses to swim in the water instead of gliding along the top like the Miraidon. This led Twitter user UltimaShadowX to jokingly ask why Koraidon even had wheels if it couldn’t use them, leading to a Tweet that went viral with everyone discussing what Koraidon’s deal was.

To make things even more confusing, a new key piece of art released for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shows both Koraidon and Miraidon flying into the air with their legs raised, as if they were both just climbing up the ramp on wheels.It seems to mean Pokemon were able Use its wheels, just choose not to, although this has not been confirmed.

While the trailer doesn’t draw any attention to the fact that Koraidon doesn’t use wheels, some Pokemon fans believe it has something to do with the fact that he seems to represent the past. One Twitter user speculated The Koraidon’s wheels don’t actually move yet, it will eventually evolve and adapt to something more like a Miraidon, with moveable wheels.

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