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As spotted in the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, it looks like the new game will feature major improvements to Gen 5 Pokemon.

pokemon scarlet and violet A ton of new Pokemon will be introduced to the franchise, but the game will also feature many returning Pokemon.Returning Pokémon pokemon scarlet and violet From every generation in the franchise, while there will be some Pokemon that don’t make the cut, fans can expect hundreds to collect once the new game launches later this year.

no one involved pokemon scarlet and violet A list of the game’s returning Pokemon has been released, but thanks to the three trailers that have been released so far, fans know at least some of the game’s returning Pokemon.every new pokemon scarlet and violet The trailer gave fans a glimpse of the returning Pokemon that will appear in the new game, one of which is Eelektross from Gen 5.

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Eelektross is an electric Pokemon, the final form of Tynamo, evolved by Eelektrik using Thunder Stones. Eelektross debuts in the 5th generation Pokemon game Pokemon black and white, its sprite shows it standing on the ground.but from Pokemon X and Y Eelektross has since been depicted floating in the air, making the creature appear flatter (and arguably far less interesting).But as spotted by Twitter user SibiruG and reported by Nintendo Life, Eelektross pokemon scarlet and violet.

Newest pokemon scarlet and violet The gameplay trailer gives players a brief look at Eelektross as it will appear in the new game.Make the 5th generation happy Pokemon fans, Eelektross in pokemon scarlet and violet Seems to be in its original state in the new game.Seems like a lot of fans are in favor of this change back to how Eelektross was originally presented Pokemon black and whitebecause at the time of writing, the tweet had over 14,000 likes.

Seems a lot of fans are happy with the original look of Eelektross, it will be interesting to see if any tweaks are made to the other returning Pokemon pokemon scarlet and violet Been proposed. Future gameplay trailers should give fans a better idea of ​​what to expect in this regard, although in some cases fans may have to wait to play the game for themselves. The good news is, pokemon scarlet and violet The release date is only a few months away, so the wait is coming to an end.

pokemon scarlet and violet Released on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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resource: Nintendo Life

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