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On CNN’s “Inside Politics,” which aired Friday, Sen. John Hickenlooper responded Senator Rick Scott’s claims (R-FL), Inflation Reduction Act settlement bill is Democrats ‘exploiting inflation crisis’ to defend ‘reckless government spending,’ saying cost of not addressing climate ‘far exceeds our spending’ to get clean Wind, clean energy and clean air. “

After hearing Scott’s criticism of Hickenlooper’s response, “I think Senator Scott just needs to look down the coast of Florida to see the impact of these more frequent and intense hurricanes on Florida, the Gulf Coast and the world. devastation everywhere,” Wildfires. I fear we can no longer call it the Southwest drought because it is so common and it seems to grow and last much longer than traditional droughts. This could be desertification, some call it aridification. But we’ll have less water, and the price of not solving this problem is unhinged type definitions. The price of not addressing this problem now will far exceed the price we pay for clean wind, clean energy and clean air. “

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