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Sonic’s fan base is in a strange place right now. Sonic Frontiers’ promotional material is divided, to say the least, with some feeling more hyped than ever, while others believing it will be another flop. So, when some artwork that almost everyone likes is released, a bunch of fans refuse to believe it’s real.

That’s right – Sonic Team just needs to confirm that the one key piece of art it released for Sonic Frontiers isn’t actually fan art. That’s because fans have been debating everything from Frontiers’ gameplay to Sonic’s quill length, and the player base is eager to see if the upcoming open-area title is one of the good ones.

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“Yes, this is real Sonic Frontiers art…soon!”, read a tweet on the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account. This seems to please the followers of the Frontiers, as the “haters” apparently have doubts about the authenticity of the art.

As highlighted by many fans in quoted retweets, the scathing message from the Sonic Twitter team indicated that they were a little annoyed that fans suspected every bit of Frontiers material they shared. When the original image was removed, it even sparked a small discussion about whether the game was too colorful and cartoony – there’s no end to what we in this community can argue about.

If such an innocuous image can spark debate, it could be a sign that the fan base is a little hungry for content. In fact, while we’ve received a lot of gameplay trailers over the past few weeks, it’s still not entirely clear what the game will actually be about. Thankfully, the post also says there will be “soon,” which bodes well for us getting closer to Gamescom at the end of the month. We already know the game is coming to EGX in September, but we’ll probably expect a trailer until then.

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