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Gotham Knights shared a new cutscene that takes place inside the Clock Tower, showing the dynamics of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon’s relationship.

Gotham Knights Individual Character Spotlight recently took a deep dive into the gameplay of each playable member of the Bat Family.Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl are all now portrayed with eclectic suit choices and unique crossings, and Red Hood is the last character fans have been waiting to see over the past few months Gotham Knights Released at the end of October.

At the same time, bit by bit Gotham Knights‘more intimate narrative moments also debuted. Not too long ago, players were given a quick look at a cutscene in which Dick Grayson and Jason Todd reflect on the death of Bruce Wayne at the clock tower, the team’s official headquarters. It is in the Clock Tower that the characters will communicate with each other in costumes, and it is here that players will likely see the most heartfelt moments shared between the characters. In fact, the latest clock tower cutscene was recently shared and provides a dynamic between Barbara Gordon and Dick.

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Gotham Knights‘ Newest The cutscene begins with Dick and Barbara working out together in front of the clock tower and Gotham Goliath poster in front of the equipment. Dick was visibly quiet, prompting Barbara to encourage him to speak his mind. Dick is aloof and dismissive until Barbara prompts him to speak by bringing up Bruce, whose looming presence still weighs heavily on Dick as he feels duty-bound to be on par with him. It’s also here that Barbara reveals that she and Dick used to have a relationship, but they separated.

Their separation seems to be at least amicable because they talk and work well with each other, but it could also be because they need to come together and put aside their differences in order to defend Gotham in Bruce’s absence. Barbara There are also some interesting nods to source material references, such as “Flaky Cereal,” and continued stunts on Nightwing’s best assets.

But Barbara’s most sentimental contribution to the conversation is reminding Dick before the two embrace that he’s not an island and that he has the rest of the Bat family to fall back on.Dick and Barbara’s relationship is probably the most remarkable and legendary of all the characters Gotham Knights‘ The Bat Family, and even has a romantic past.It will be interesting to see how this dynamic develops Gotham Knights and how other characters interact within the clock tower.

Gotham Knights It’s scheduled to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on October 25th.

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