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Line up to play the song “Proud of Your Boy” because that’s what White City, Saskatchewan is all about.

The city put up a sign that read, “Welcome to the White City. The proud home of Stanley Cup winner Ryan Murray.” It looked perfect next to the Colorado Avalanche defender, who was there with the Stanley Cup photo.

Tweet from @keeperofthecup: They are so proud of their kids! (White City, SK) #StanleyCup @Avalanche @NHL @HockeyHallFame

The logo also lists Murray’s hockey accomplishments, such as his 2016 World Championship gold medal, the second overall pick in the 2012 NHL draft, and, of course, his 2022 Stanley Cup title.

Afterwards, Murray took the trophy to Regina General Hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Tweet from @keeperofthecup: Ryan Murray took the time to visit the kids at Regina General Hospital. (Regina, SK) #StanleyCup @Avalanche @NHL @HockeyHallFame @HRFdn

The Cup race starts in Finland and travels a long way to Murray, Canada.

Tweet from @keeperofthecup: Late in the evening in Finland, the sun sets for another European #stanleycup tour. Next stop in Western Canada! The @Avalanche journey continues. @nhl @HockeyHallFame Stay tuned and follow!

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