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With everyone from Arya in Game of Thrones to real-life LeBron James joining the MultiVersus fray, it feels like anyone could be added next. But fans seem to be focusing on one character in particular: Walter White from “Breaking Bad.” Now, that doesn’t seem like the overly ambitious proposal we once thought it was.

MultiVersus Dan Eder’s senior character artist told fans he “wouldn’t say no” to seeing Walter join the fray. That’s because fans launched a really bad campaign to get the drug maker onboard with MultiVersus and made a model of what he would look like in the game’s cartoon style.

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Responding to one of many posts calling for developers to add Walter White to the game, Eder expressed his support for the idea. “As a big Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul fan, I’m not going to say no to this,” he said, reviving hope for many.

This tweet was very aptly sent to Twitter user “Walter White For MultiVersus”. It’s fair to say that the news makes them happy. This wasn’t even the only interaction users had with the MultiVersus team, with Game Director Tony Huynh congratulating the user account on the success.

Say what you think about the Walter White for MultiVersus campaign, you can’t deny their dedication. As we recently reported, they’ve got Walt involved, kind of. Game Banana user JakeBanana has released a mod that gives Shaggy a brand new Heisenberg skin that lets you experience whiplash in all its glory in pure tones. However, if the developer support is worth it, we may not actually need this mod for much longer.

The public beta of MultiVersus is now playable on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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