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This Denver Broncos Yes Colin Cowherd Choose to win the AFC West.

Denver probably made the biggest splash when it traded Super Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson this offseason. He ranks second in the league in passing points (106.3) over the past four seasons and adds him to former All-Pro and Pro bowlers (Justin Simmons and Courtland Sutton) as well as emerging youngsters With talent (Jerry Judy, Patrick Sultan II and Javonte Williams) on the roster, it’s understandable to think the Broncos could win the division — a division that includes the Kansas City Chiefs.

Melvin Gordon on Russell Wilson: ‘He’s locked in’

Melvin Gordon on Russell Wilson: "he is locked"

The Broncos RB described Wilson as “everything about football” and said he’s locked in and wants the best out of the season. Cowherd and Gordon also discussed what to expect from the Broncos and whether they can win the AFC West Championship.

Running back Melvin Gordon, also a two-time Pro bowler, appeared on “The Herd” Friday in which Gordon agreed with the Cowherd’s assessment of the team’s lineup, expressing a firm belief in Denver’s defense, scoring last season Ranked third.

“[We’re] Crazy front, the whole line,” Gordon said. “The linebacker is great. The corners are amazing.shoot [Surtain II] crazy. Honestly, if not this year, I really think he could be the best corner kicker in the league sometime in a few years.

“Those guys, I see them every day in practice. Man, those guys are so smart. I see the best.”

Gordon felt his talent on the ball just as strongly. Gordon and Williams were the only duo to sprint for at least 900 yards each last season, and he hopes the duo, along with the receiving team, will help make life a little easier for Wilson in his first year in Denver.

“I hope we hit from every cylinder,” Gordon said. “We have the receivers we need to push the ball off the court. We have [Jerry] Jeudy creates separation.We have [Courtland Sutton]Like I said big man, who can stretch the field, with KJ [Hamler]. “

Gordon revealed that Wilson was “locked in,” telling Cowherd, “He wants the best from everyone.”

Gordon could salvage his best performance of the season in two games against division rivals the Chargers. He spent the first five seasons of his career with the Chargers before making him a free agent after the 2019 season. Gordon shared that he still “breaks up” with several of his former teammates, but is looking for revenge when he confronts them.

“It won’t change anything [competitively]Gordon said of his relationship with some of his old teammates. “When we play against them, I want to win. I need to score. I have two chances this year. “

When he was with the Chargers, Gordon played for several talented teams, including the 12-4 season in 2018. Although standout wide receiver Tim Patrick went down this week with a torn ACL, Gordon thinks this Broncos lineup may be the best he’s ever been to.

“We have a top team,” Gordon said. “It’s a shame we lost Tim [Patrick] Because he’s definitely one of our key figures. We have some good people who will stand up and make a name for themselves.

“I think we’re there, man. We have a good team with the Chargers, but we’re going hand in hand, that’s for sure.”

According to FOX Bet, the Broncos are tied for seventh in odds to win the Super Bowl and third in odds to win the AFC West.

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