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While Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay has yet to be revealed, one creative fan is already speculating about potential DLC for the sequel.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Set for release next year, while many expect to see the game in action at the next PlayStation Showcase, for now gamers will only be able to play it with a reveal trailer. However, even with limited information about what’s included in the main game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Fans shared their thoughts on the DLC.

If fans get their way, the post-launch content will be split into three distinct DLC chapters that come together to tell an interconnected story.This format is sure to be familiar to fans of the original Marvel’s Spider-Man, because the City That Never Sleeps DLC runs is handled in exactly the same way. Each of these fan-made concepts features a fresh villain, ensuring that the game’s boss lineup will increase significantly when this hypothetical DLC completes its release.

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Created by Reddit user wil_je-vechten, the proposed DLC content seems to have a scary villain theme. Swapping out more human enemies for the fantastical members of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery, the first expanded concept features arguably the most humble villain of the bunch. Stegron is a human dinosaur with genius-level intelligence, and when he transforms, he will attack anyone who opposes him with his tail and claws.When seeing dinosaurs in Insomniac Games spiderman The universe is going to be a huge change and they could be a battle.

After “A New Monster,” players will begin “A Dark Night,” a DLC focused on the always-contradictory character Morbius.While critical films based on the character have damaged Mobius’ reputation, as even the comments section of this Redditor post contains some “It’s Mobin time” memes, he’s the moral compulsion Spider-Man faces. One of the most complex enemies. Mobius appears in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will provide the opportunity for a strong story, and fighting some vampires could be fun from a gameplay standpoint.

Off the list is “One Drop of Blood” featuring a lizard.Appearing in a post-credits scene with Dr. Curt Connors Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and a backpack collectible that confirms he’s transformed into a lizard at least once, a character that seems likely to appear in this fan lineup. With hundreds of votes and several positive reviews for this series of DLC concepts, wil_je-vechten seems to have knocked it out of the park with their quick mods.

and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2The release window for the game is still a vague 2023, and it will be a while before fans know if the game will receive any major DLC. If so, the villains in these concepts would certainly be nice to see in action, as they are so different from the villains in the series so far.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 is scheduled to be released in 2023.

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