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Former President Trump’s record for supporting the winning candidate continued this week as the former president News anchor and reporter Kari Lake wins a close game in Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial primary. The race between Lake and Carlin Taylor-Robson was still too close until Thursday, two days after Election Day, when the Associated Press announced Lake’s race.

Lake will now go on to face Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in the November election.

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Razor skinny race

Although mail-in ballots received before Election Day gave Robson an early lead, Election Day Polling Station Results And Maricopa County released the results of the mail-in ballot for Lake to win.

The race turned into a referendum between Trump-backed candidate Lake and former Vice President Mike Pence, current Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie-backed Robson.

Trump candidates have won many races in Arizona, including Senate, Secretary of State, Attorney General, U.S. House seats and state House seats. Arizona is a key location for the 2020 election, and it’s sure to be there again in 2024.

Lake has been very vocal about her views on the 2020 election.she has indicated that she will cancel the certification Joe Biden said on Arizona victory in 2020, “He lost the election, he shouldn’t be in the White House.”

Lake isn’t afraid to give back to left-leaning media outlets for what they’re trying to publish, either.

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Trump candidates’ latest primary round is going well

The latest round of primaries on Tuesday night was a good one for Trump-backed candidates. In addition to Arizona, candidates from Michigan are also doing well.

Rep. Peter Mayer, one of the few House Republicans to vote to impeach President Trump, lost the primary to former Trump administration official John Gibbs.

The impeachment votes were singled out, and Mayer was the latest. Trump wrote on his own social media platform Truth Social: “Not a good time for impeachers – 7 down, 3 down!” Tudor Dixon won the Republican gubernatorial primary and will face it in November Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Across the country, it was a good night to be a Trump candidate.Of the 42 endorsements Trump gave here The most recent round of primaries, 32 have won their respective games, and some may still be up in the air.

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Democrats get ready for November

Election night this fall may look a lot like Tuesday for Democrats.Democrats pinning their hopes on things such as overturning Law and Wade and the Jan. 6 hearing, but those are not priorities for Americans. Soaring inflation and high gas and food prices.

Joe Biden’s persistently low approval ratings have Democrats shouting that they don’t want him running again in 2024, and many have shied away from inviting him to campaign with them.

Another takeaway from Tuesday night’s primary: While Democrats and the media have tried to downplay Donald Trump’s influence on the Republican Party, there’s no question that it worked for the most part. Biden’s unpopularity combined with Trump’s winning record could be a deadly combination for Democrats.

Several more states will hold primaries in the coming weeks, including Wyoming, where Liz Cheney trails her opponent Harriet Hagerman by about 20 points. Trump’s “Number 8” may be waiting.

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