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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Crafton, Currently hiring For the fantasy game it’s developing, it’s called Project Windless.

Based on the popular Korean fantasy series bird drinking tears Author Yeong-do Lee knows nothing about the game in development other than the IP it’s based on.

Li’s novel was first serialized on online forums, and after the series ended, the book was published in hardcover in four volumes. The series features four different races and five characters, three of which are tasked with saving Nhaga from their own people.

Announced last year, Krafton said the lore and world of the series is full of potential, and the company plans to explore various media around the IP.

One of those mediums is of course gaming, and Krafton is actively recruiting for the project. Two years ago, it brought some of the characters and locations from the novel to life with the help of Hollywood concept artist Ian McCaig (Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Avengers).You can see some of McCaig’s concept art for Project Windless Official website.

“The Tear-Drinking Bird is unlike any other fantasy story I’ve read, it explores human nature in a whole new way,” McCaig said. “That’s what attracted me the most. It’s an epic comparable to Lord of the Rings or Dune. The fantasy world is fresh and visceral, blending traditional archetypes with completely original imagery of dreams and nightmares.

“I was working on my own projects at the time; being involved meant putting them all aside. I needed to do something very special to do that. It turned out to be true.”

We hope to disclose more information about this project in due course.In the meantime, if you are interested in applying for gaming jobs, please contact Job listings on the Kafton website And type “unannounced” in the search bar to get a list of vacancies.

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