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Deep Silver’s parent company, Koch Media, announced the change to Plaion, and its managing director explained the change in a recent interview.

Since its establishment in 1994, Koch Media Known as a software distributor.Even people who have never heard of the German-Austrian company may know of its subsidiaries, which include publishers Deep Silver and saints row Developer will.

However, gamers won’t hear the name Koch Media anymore. The company, rebranded under the Plaion name, revealed a new logo on Thursday. Managing Director Klemens Kundratitz discussed the rebrand in a recent interview, explaining the new name and the reason for the change.

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In an interview with, Kundratitz explained how the rebranding started by simply modernizing the look of Koch Media. However, company leaders ultimately decided to go further by committing to a complete rebrand. “Obviously,” says Kundertitz, “we want to avoid people seeing it as a facade. We’re signaling that we’re on a journey, and giving this journey a new name, a new visual look is the piece Good thing.” He also expressed how Plaion wanted to show that it was a modern international company. The company also wants to spread the message in a way that is clear to its employees and those outside the company.

Kundratitz said part of the process included shaking up the perception of Koch Media as a central European company rather than a global one. This is reflected in the new name. Koch, pronounced “Coke”, can be awkward for non-Germans. However, Plaion is pronounced “play on”, which is easier for non-German speakers, and certainly for game and movie companies. Plaion also designed a new logo that resembles the “game” triangle symbol. It also features a stylized “io” that resembles 1s and 0s, symbolizing the company’s new digital focus.

Speaking of focus, Kundratitz emphasized that despite the film and television connotations of its logo, Plaion is still “first and foremost a gaming company.” He explained that Plaion’s rebranding did not transform the company into an entirely new one, but only continued the process that began when THQ Nordic acquired Koch Media in 2018. This shift includes the aforementioned move from a major brick-and-mortar distributor to having a more diversified approach. He also highlighted Plaion’s ambitions to grow and diversify its role in the entertainment industry.

Kundratitz also mentioned that Plaion has timed its rebrand ahead of Gamescom 2022, which kicks off on August 24 in Cologne, Germany. In doing so, the company hopes to help build the Plaion brand in the international public’s consciousness.

He concluded the interview by acknowledging the similarities between Koch becoming Plaion and Facebook’s rebranding as Meta. The difference, however, is that while Meta changed its name to emphasize its focus on the future of the Metaverse, Plaion’s new name acknowledges how far the company has come.

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