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As a writer and director who has succeeded in both Marvel films And DC Productions, James Gunn’s opinion carries some weight. Recently, the director expressed his thoughts on why these two comic book universes have been Hollywood’s hottest movies, and CGI certainly has a lot to do with it.

Gunn recently wrapped up filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3his third entry into the MCU, and this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which will head to Disney Plus. The director also watched his first superhero TV series, peacemakerterrific on HBO Max, and a recent interview delves into what makes many of his projects so good, including the very lovable Eagly.

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His revelation came in a special section next to Deadline peacemaker VFX Supervisor Betsy Paterson, the two discuss the role CGI plays in making these superhero adventures. In Gunn’s case, he was very candid about, “Why are Marvel movies not popular in the past, but so popular today?” I tell you 100% from me, 100% because VFX is as high as we can make people believe Where the Metal Man is flying around. As an admitted fan of both, Gunn ignores the discussion of which is better between CGI or actual effects, and simply narrows it down to the requirements of a particular scene.

Gunn goes the extra mile peacemaker As a result, it was emphasized that the HBO series contained “some of the best visuals” in television history. This included creating Eagly from scratch after unsuccessful attempts to use a real live eagle as Christopher Smith’s sidekick.This Guardians of the Galaxy The director also mentioned how his working relationship with Patterson came to be, first working with her on Gunn’s two scooby doo Movie.

recent, Top Gun: MaverickThe overwhelming success of Tom Cruise has once again raised questions about the overuse of CGI effects or practical effects, with little VFX artistry in Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster.Still, Gunn does make sense, since creating many Marvel or DC’s unique creatures is simply impossible, especially now that the MCU is becoming more of a movie-like universe Thor: Love and Thunder.

As his fans know, Gunn is also a fan of quality animation such as rick and mortyenough to prank his own camera crew Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 set. Like Gunn said, everything has a time and a place, and the MCU is the perfect playground for some of the most talented and hard-working VFX artists in the world, many of whom will be featured in his swan song Marvel Studios films put a lot of work into it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 It is set to premiere in theaters on May 5, 2023.

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