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Dallas Cowboys run back Ezekiel Eliot has always been one of National Football LeagueHe’s been the premier running back since being drafted in 2016 — but does that mean he has a roadmap to the Hall of Fame?

While he remains highly regarded among NFL running backs, Elliott’s performance and efficiency have gradually declined since 2018, after he led the league as a rookie (1,631 yards) and finished two years later with 1,434 yards. Leading the league in performance.

After saying Elliott has “zero chance” of making the Hall of Fame, Skip Bayless explains how Elliott “hit the running back wall” in “Undisputed.”

“It’s almost like Zeke got his money and hit the running wall at the same time,” Bayless said. “I’m not saying he didn’t try. I’m not saying he didn’t work out. He just hit the wall. All of a sudden, He lost a little burst and a little electricity and was a little “elusive”. I don’t know, maybe he’s just not as hungry as he used to be, once he gets paid?

“Man, all of a sudden he’s down to 85 yards per game, 65 two years ago, 59 last year. Six seasons down 50 yards per game — down 50 yards …usually, I would” attribute said deaths to career-threatening injuries. Usually the ACL, it could be the Achilles tendon, it could be the shoulder, but it could also be the knee or the Achilles tendon. Do you believe Zeke wasn’t seriously injured? “

Dallas signed Elliott to a six-year, $90 million extension before the 2019 season. Over the past three seasons (2019-21), he has averaged 1,112.7 yards (69.5 per game) and 348.3 yards (21.8 per game) per year. In the long run, starting with the 2016-18 season, Elliott averaged 1,349.3 yards rushing (101.2 yards per game) and 399.7 yards receiving (30.0 yards per game) per season.

Elliott finished last season with 1,002 rushing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns for 4.2 yards per carry. Dallas went 12-5 to win the NFC East, but then lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC wild-card round.

Elliott is entering his seventh season in the NFL. The Cowboys selected him with the No. 4 overall pick in Ohio State’s 2016 NFL Draft.

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