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From locations and questlines to collectibles and Island Soul, here’s everything you need to know about the island of Erasmo in The Lost Ark.

Erasmo’s Island is a simple Tier 1 island that doesn’t have much to do. There are no Yuna quests here, nor any life skill collectibles to farm here. However, there are still some collectibles to collect, and fortunately, getting them isn’t the most complicated thing in the world.

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Erasmus, one of lost ark World boss, on this island, that’s pretty much it. So, let’s take a look at how to get Island Souls and Mokoko Seeds here so you can get this island off your roster ASAP.

Where is Erasmus Island?

Erasmo is located in Central Gina Sea, southeast of North Fern. It is also west of Peyto.

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Erasmus is in the Kraken Sea, so make sure you prepare your boat accordingly.

Island Soul

This Island soul (or token) is an RNG Drop from the boss on the island, Erasmus.It’s an easy boss to take down (just a sea monster), and Requires Song of Resonance to summon itbecause it requires played fifteen times (Not just one person).However, you don’t necessarily need to own the sheet music, because other players can summon it Same thing.

Erasmo is not a battlefield boss, which means it does not share spawn time with the battlefield bosses on the Procyon Compass (ie Proxima or Moake). It spawns independently of them, 3 times a day, so keep an eye out for when it appears.

Besides Island Soul, Erasmo has a chance put down his cardand certainly will drop some silver and tier 1 Guardian and Destruction Stone Fragments For primary honing.Furthermore, the island Does not lower your project levelso the higher your gear score, the easier Erasmo is to solo.

Mococo Seeds

There are only two Mokoko Seeds on Erasmus, both are in a very easy to see place, as neither is well hidden.they are sitting on the grassclose to each other, in the open air, waiting to be picked up in the south of the island.

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