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A huge fan-made LEGO Elden Ring model recreates the living structure of a walking mausoleum in an RPG game. While most players are still trying to hone their Elden Ring builds in the game, one FromSoftware fan has in mind a very different type of build. The incredible LEGO structure is based on wandering mausoleums wandering around the open-world game’s vast plains.

CreatorHoboSapient share their creations To the Elden Ring subreddit, it gained a huge following and support from tens of thousands of users who marveled at the massive building. The structure consists of about 5,000 to 6,000 Lego bricks and weighs about 30 pounds (about the weight of an average three-year-old child), HoboSapient said.

The interior is made from LEGO Technic, a collection often used for more complex sets with complex mechanisms or structures. HoboSapient said the final figures were “very solid”, and they pieced together pieces from more than 20 years of collecting Lego bricks.

The Walking Mausoleum, sometimes referred to as the Wandering Mausoleum, is a massive rock creature that can slowly stomp in certain areas of the Elden Ring map. They can often be heard from great distances due to the sound of their heavy footsteps and the huge bells swinging from their undercarriage.If you can get one to stop, the mausoleum on the back of it provides a way repeated memoriesmaking it well worth the trouble.

LEGO Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Build - Photographed and built by HoboSapient

Among the positive comments in the replies, some upvoted comments indicated that the set could be submitted to the LEGO Ideas program, where users can propose their own sets and make them into actual products for sale. Video game submissions such as LEGO Terraria builds have proven popular on the platform in the past, though HoboSpaient wondered if Elden Ring would be seen as too “ripe” setup to pass the standard of consideration.

If you’re still struggling with the sprawling fantasy game, check out our Elden Ring boss guide and list of the best Elden Ring courses. If you’ve been playing for a while and are looking for a way to mix things up, an Elden Ring mod takes inspiration from Sekiro and Bloodborne to overhaul the game’s combat. The launch of Elden Ring YouTube set a new record for the video platform following its February release.

Image Source: wise man on Reddit.

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