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world Genshin Impact Rich in lore and mysteries, updates continue to build on the game’s story. After visiting the first major city of Mondstadt, players will learn about the scope of the world and embark on a journey to reunite with the protagonist’s siblings.One Genshin Impact Players pointed out an odd detail about NPCs Dr. Edith and Ela Musk, which led to another potential mystery.

Mundstadt and its vast surrounding area as an introduction Genshin Impact. Players start by spawning on the beach near Starfell Lake and traverse the wilderness before reaching the first statue of the Seven, which is based on the Anemo Archon known as Barbatos. The city of Mond appears on the horizon, and players eventually encounter Amber, the protector of Mond, and the city’s colorful characters. Some of these roles include historian and folklore researcher Dr. Edith and her sister Ela Musk, a scholar of Hilliculian linguistics.

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Reddit user u/Yorgh-Drakeblood discussed a puzzling detail about Dr. Edith and Ella Musk, as the conversation revealed Ella to be a brother and sister. However, Ella appears to be a child, while Dr. Edith is an adult.No further explanation for the relationship between the Musk sisters Genshin Impact, encouraging players to guess about Ella’s true age. Currently, Ella can be found inside the Mondstadt library or near the Hilichurl camp in the area around Mondstadt. Dr. Edith usually patrols around the Seven Gods in Windrise.

u/Yorgh-Drakeblood and Genshin Impact The community on Reddit speculates that the localization error may be the reason Dr. Edith says Ella is her sister. Another possibility shrouded in speculation is that Ella’s growth is stunted, but there is a lack of concrete evidence in that direction.The answer may be in the game’s development history, as miHoYo originally designed Ella as an adult Genshin Impact beta. Feedback from beta testers encouraged miHoYo to add children to the game so that Genshin Impact The world is more credible and diverse. As a result, the conversation about Ella’s old rival may not have changed.

The speculation about Dr. Edith and Ella cannot be completely denied due to its fantastical nature Genshin Impact. E.g, Genshin Impact Wendy appears as a young bard, but the game’s story reveals a grand and timeless character behind the character.

Intentional or not, mysteries like the Musk siblings continue to hold some Genshin Impact Players guess for years.This Genshin Impact The community continues to enjoy the open-world action RPG, and Genshin Impact With the arrival of Xumi, version 3.0 will further expand the world.

Genshin Impact Now available for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development and no release date has been set.

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