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Genshin Impact fans have created authentic replicas of the famous illusions that are attached to nearly every playable character in the game.

At this moment, the world Genshin Impact There are seven different elements, representing the seven main nations in the game. With the exception of the Traveler, every other character in the roster can control an element with the help of their vision.

Vision is considered a gift given to several people Genshin Impact A character recognized by the Tivat gods. They allow characters to harness elemental energy and turn it into a deadly weapon.

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Genshin ImpactThe lore claims the Illusion will allow certain characters to ascend to Celestia and gain divinity.Contrary to popular belief, everyone’s shape Genshin Impact The field of view is not based on elements, but on the holder’s area.official new post Genshin Impact The subreddit showcases an interesting set of real-life visions. Reddit user NovaM24 shared three Visions of Cryo, Pyro and Hydro elements. According to the creators, the Visions were modeled in a 3D software called Rhinoceros 3D, printed and painted with gold spray paint.

The gem is made from two separate halves of epoxy resin with white vinyl.Some replies in the comments section claim that this could easily be Genshin Impactofficial merchandise. NovaM24 have confirmed that they plan to create more illusions for their favorite characters in the future. Some replies claimed that they would like to see a real vision with elements of the upcoming Dendro.

Genshin Impact The arrival of a new mysterious area called Xumi has been confirmed. However, unlike most of the new main areas, Sumeru will introduce an entirely new element, seven Genshin Impact Elements, Dendro is the only missing element in the character kit, which means there could be huge changes at the moment Genshin Impact character element. HoYoverse’s official Sumeru trailer has revealed that the new Dendro element will be able to trigger many new elemental reactions.

According to multiple leaks, Dendro will apparently have strong support as it seems to synergize well with almost every other element in the game. To unlock Dendro’s full potential, players will most likely need to have Hydro users in their team composition so they can trigger Bloom. This new elemental reaction will drop flowering seeds on the ground, which can interact with three additional elements: electricity, fire, and hydroelectricity.

Genshin Impact Now available for mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is currently in development.

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