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Ever had to take a nasty bathroom break in the middle of a game? Well, a YouTuber is looking for the best solution to this kind of problem. They recently uploaded a video in which they turned the toilet into a fully functional gaming PC. That’s right, now they can refresh and reboot the system at the same time.

This miracle of modern technology comes from YouTuber basically homelessIn the nearly 11-minute video, they walk viewers through the process of turning a toilet into a gaming PC. Of course, they opened the video and answered the question everyone was wondering: why? It turns out they spent months learning how to build PCs and work pipelines, I quote, “dump while playing.”

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To pull off a creation like this, Mr. Homeless had to learn more than just how to build a PC. In the video, he notes that he had to learn several techniques, including how to properly cut porcelain and use pipes. After all, the toilet tank needs to be modified so that it can accommodate the motherboard tray, allow proper airflow, and prevent water from seeping into PC components. Otherwise, you will be far from disaster.

Fortunately, Mr. Homeless was able to do everything, and in the end, he walked away, or sat, with a computer that could also be pulled in. To show off how awesome this porcelain computer was created, they booted it up, sat down, and played a round of Counter-Strike. Thankfully, the toilet aspect of the PC isn’t shown on camera.

This video just shows you that persistence and creativity can go a long way. A man wanted to be able to use the bathroom while playing games, and they did. Let’s hope the next idea of ​​basic homelessness involves less poo.

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